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Introducing the Association

The Austrian Studies Association continues traditions started in 1961, as the only North American association devoted to scholarship on all aspects of Austrian, Austro-Hungarian, and Habsburg territory cultural life and history from the eighteenth century until today. (more . . . )

The association's journal, the Journal of Austrian Studies, under the editorship of Todd Herzog (U of Cincinnati) and Hilary Hope Herzog (U of Kentucky), is the successor to Modern Austrian Literature. (more . . . )

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    The ASA has had the honor of establishing a panel of HONORARY MEMBERS who support our work disseminating scholarship on Austrian culture in all its forms. Join us in thanking them for their interest, and in honoring their leadership in Austrian Arts and Letters.

    Two new members of the board will serve from the 2016 to 2018 board meetings have been elected. Congratulations to Brigitte Prutti of the University of Washington and Oliver C. Speck of Virginia Commonwealth University and thank you both for taking on this important task.
    Again, our sincere thanks to the two board members cycling off, Nele Hempel-Lamer and Joseph Moser (2013-2015), for all their work on our behalf.

  • The 2017 Conference will be hosted by the University of Illinois at Chicago, March 16-19, 2017
    THEME: "Inter-Texts: Correspondences, Connections, and Fissures in Austrian Culture"
    Download the Call for Papers here.

  • NOTE: To join the Austrian Studies Association, subscribe to its journal; use the MEMBERSHIP link above to contact the U of Nebraska Press, which is taking our subscriptions.
  • NOTE: For any information on submitting to the Journal of Austrian Studies (the journal which continues Modern Austrian Literature, which is no longer an active title), please contact the editors: Todd Herzog (U of Cincinnati) and Hilary Hope Herzog (U of Kentucky), at journalofaustrianstudies@gmail.com.
  • Contact the Book Review Editor, Joseph Moser, at josephwmoser@gmail.com
  • For reprint permission, please contact the editors, as above.
  • IMPORTANT: To file claims for MISSING ISSUES, see http://www.nebraskapress.unl.edu/pages/Journals_CustomerService.aspx.

  • 2016 Conference: webpage.
  • 2015 Conference: webpage.
  • 2014 Conference: webpage.
  • 2013 Conference: webpage.
  • 2012 Conference Pictures, taken by Sophia Clark, UCLB Conference.
  • FYI: The association constitution may be downloaded here. Use the "history" link on the left for other information on the association.

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