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Associations Affiliated
with the Austrian Studies Association

The Austrian Studies Association is committed to fostering interdisciplinary and transcultural work. For this reason, we have established formal ties with various organizations worldwide. These organizations have agreed to link with us; please visit their sites and work with their initiatives.

Other organizations with shared interests are invited to contact us at austrianstudiesassociation@gmail.com to connect with us.

Grillparzer Gesellschaft (Wien)

As of 1 January 2010, the ASA/MALCA also assumed the role heretofore played by the American Grillparzer Society: liaison to the Austrian Grillparzer Gesellschaft, housed in Vienna and sponsor of conferences and a yearbook. We thank both entities for their trust and happily continue the work of helping pre-twentieth-century Austrian literature appear at conferences, especially the Modern Language Association.

For the long and distinguished history of the American Grillparzer Society, read the narrative detailing its long life, provided to us by its final president, Clifford Albrecht Bernd.

To become a member of the Grillparzer Gesellschaft from the US side (and thus receive the yearbook, a must-have companion to the Journal of Austrian Studies), follow the directions on the association's information page; it is possible to pay via PayPal (by transfer or by credit card) by sending your payment to the address gesellschaft@grillparzer.at.

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