Annual International Symposium and Meeting of the Modern Austrian Literature and Culture Association (MALCA)

April 22-25, 2004
Rice University
Houston, Texas

TOPIC: Gender, History, and Memory

The conference seeks to address the following issues:

... In what ways do different kinds of representation-such as literary texts, visual texts, the press, or historiography-contribute to the construction of cultural memory in Austria? What kinds of "Geschichte(n)" (history/stories) and counter-narratives have been produced that have shaped cultural memory in modern Austria?

... What lines of tradition have emerged from the artistic contributions to cultural memory in Austrian? What roles have artists/intellectuals played in transforming actualized cultural memory by reaching into unformed "archives" of memory"?

... What convergences and divergences can we discover in the forms of historical and cultural memory-and in their discursive representations? What are the possible reasons for those developments? What kinds of patterns can we discern when looking at Austrian culture over a longer period of time?

... What difference does a gender perspective make to inquiries into cultural memory? Have "alternative" memories in Austria emerged from marginalized social groups? What kinds of "Erinnerungsgemeinschaften" (communities of memory) need to exist in order to transform the status quo of cultural memory? Can one distinguish "gendered" memories?

Proposal deadline: October 15, 2003

Additional Opportunity:
Call for Posters: Best Practices in Austrian Studies

Inquiries and submissions:
Maria-Regina Kecht, German Studies, MS-32
Rice University, Houston, TX 77005-1892
Tel: 713-348-5451