Constitution and By-Laws

April 1962

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  • I. Name
    The official name of this organization shall be: THE INTERNATIONAL ARTHUR SCHNITZLER RESEARCH ASSOCIATION.

  • II. Purpose
    The object of this Association shall be to stimulate interest in and to promote study and research on Arthur Schnitzler and his works.

  • III. Membership

    1. Subject to approval by an officer of the Association, any person may become a member on payment of the dues currently fixed in the By-laws and may continue a member by the payment of the annual dues.

    2. Distinguished individuals may be elected to the Honorary Board of Directors by the Association on nomination by the Executive Council, but the number of Honorary Directors shall not at any time exceed ten.

  • IV. Officers

    1. The officers of the Association shall be: a President, a Vice-President, a Secretary-Treasurer, an Archivist, and an Editor.

    2. The President and the Vice-President shall be elected for two calendar years by mail ballot in accordance with provisions of the By-laws. The Secretary-Treasurer, the Archivist, and the Editor shall be chosen by the Executive Council and shall hold office for such terms and under such conditions as the Council may specify.

  • V. Administration
    The administration of the Association shall be in the hands of the Executive Council, consisting of the President and Vice-President of the Association, the Secretary-Treasurer, the Archivist, and the Editor. In addition, the retiring President, in a purely advisory capacity without vote, shall become a member of the Council for a tern of two years, or until the incumbent president retires and replaces him on the Council.

  • VI. Amendments
    Amendments to this Constitution must first be approved by a majority of the members of the Executive Council, must then be published in the Journal, and afterwards ratified by a majority of the votes received in a mail ballot of the membership of the Association.

  • VII. Ratification
    An affirmative vote by a majority of those present at a meeting of the Association to be held in Lexington, Kentucky, on April 26, 1962, shall be sufficient for provisional ratification of this Constitution, to be confirmed by a majority of those members casting ballots by mail.


  • I. Membership and Dues

    1. Any person eligible to membership may become a member in on of the following categories on payment of the annual dues specified:

      • a. Active membership at five dollars, open to those actively engaged in Schnitzler research. Active members will be privileged to use the Archive and other research facilities to the Association.

      • b. Associate membership at three dollars, open to those evidencing a genuine interest in works of Schnitzler and sympathy with the aims of the Association.

      • c. Institutional membership at five dollars, open to libraries and other interested agencies. Such members shall have no vote.

    2. Honorary Directors shall be exempt from dues.

  • II. Election of the President

    1. The President and the Vice-President shall be nominated by a Nominating Committee of three members. This Committee shall be appointed by the President, one member being appointed by the President, one member being appointed in each even-numbered year to serve a six-year term. The senior member of the Committee (normally the member serving his sixth year) shall be the chairman.

    2. The Committee shall nominate a candidate, whose name shall be announced in the appropriate Spring or Summer issue of the Journal.

    3. Any member of the Association may initiate a petition proposing one additional name and forward it to the Secretary-Treasurer not later than October 15.

    4. The Secretary-Treasurer shall enter on an official ballot the name of the candidate proposed by the Nominating Committee, together with the name receiving the largest number of supporting signatures among those proposed by the members of the Association, provided that no name be entered on the ballot that is not supported by five members.

    5. Members may vote for either of the persons on the official ballot by forwarding their ballots, duly signed, by mail. All ballots to be counted must be received by the Secretary-Treasurer not later than December 15.

    6. The name on the ballot receiving the highest number of votes shall be declared the elected President for the ensuing two-year tern.

  • III. Duties of the Officers

    1. The President and Vice-President shall serve for two calendar years and thereafter until his successor is chosen. The President shall preside at all meetings of the Association and of the Executive Council. In his absence, his duties shall fall upon the Vice-President or, in his absence, upon the Secretary-Treasurer.

    2. The Secretary-Treasurer shall also act as Secretary of the Executive Council. He shall be custodian of all current funds, collecting membership fees and other monies due the Association, and paying bills properly incurred. He shall also keep the records of the Association and have charge of the business arrangements for all publications of the Association. This report may be audited by a committee named by the President.

    3. The Archivist shall be responsible for the operation and maintenance of the Schnitzler Archive.

    4. The Editor shall insure the publication of the Journal four times a year, if feasible, with supplementary issues as the occasion arises. He may select assistants as required.

    5. Executive Council
      The Executive Council may fill any vacancy occurring among the officers of the Association. In the case of a vacancy in its own body it shall appoint a member of the Association to fill out the unexpired term.

  • IV. Standing Committees

    1. The standing committees shall be as follows: An Editorial and Publications Committee, a Committee on Research Activities, and such others as may be appointed by the Executive Council. The membership and term of office of each committee shall be determined by the Executive Council. The chairman of each committee shall report of the work of his committee upon request of the Executive Council. The names of the committee members and their terms of appointment shall be published at least once a year in the Journal.

    2. The Editor of the Journal shall be the chairman of the Editorial and Publications Committee, which shall have charge of the Journal. It shall also select the monographs and other books to be published by the Association.

    3. It shall be the duty of the Committee on Research Activities to further the research activities of the Association and its members. It shall maintain a registry of research projects. It shall also consider projects of research that may be proposed to it, report such projects with its recommendations to the Executive Council, and may recommend grants from such funds as are available.

  • V. Meetings
    The President, the Vice-President and Secretary-Treasurer shall plan and arrange meetings of the Association.

  • VI. Amendments
    The By-laws may be amended, after approval of the majority of the members of the Executive Council, by a majority of the votes received in a mail ballot of the membership of the Association.

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