Nominating Procedures for MALCA
Executive Committee Members

(2004 --superceded by later constitutions)

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The Executive Committee consists of eight elected members: President, Vice President, five members-at-large, and (as of Spring 2004) Past President. The President will serve a two-year term and then serve one additional year on the EC as Past President. The Vice President will assume the office of President.

The current terms for EC members of the newly organized MALCA began Spring 2002. For this first EC, three members-at-large will serve three-year terms and two will serve four-year terms. Thereafter, members-at-large will serve three-year terms.

Nominating Process: Nominations or self-nominations will be solicited for the office of Vice President and for members-at-large at the annual spring meeting and through the Spring issue of the MAL. Nominations (also as e-mail attachments) will be accepted through the end of June. All nominated candidates will then submit a short statement by mid-September, which will include their objectives for the organization as well as their reasons for wishing to serve on the Executive Board. At the end of October, ballots will be sent to the MALCA membership, and the deadline for returning ballots will be December 10th. The elected board members will be informed shortly thereafter so that they can plan to attend the annual spring conference, where the election results will be announced.

Vice President: As of Spring 2003, the above process will be used to nominate and elect a new Vice President, who will begin her/his term at the annual meeting Spring 2004. This process will take place every two years thereafter. The former Vice President will assume the Presidency for a two-year term and then remain on the EC for one further year as Past President.

Members-at-large: As of Spring 2004, nominations will be solicited for three members at large (whose terms will begin in 2005). Spring 2005, nominations will be solicited for two members at large (whose terms will begin in 2006). There will be no nominations for new members-at-large in Spring 2006. This staggered process will be repeated for electing members-at-large.

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