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Max Kade Prize 2005 Winner: J. J. Long

J. J. Long, "'Die Teufelskunst unserer Zeit'?: Photographic Negotiations in Thomas Bernhard's Auslöschung," vol. 35, # 3-4 (2002) [download article (pdf)]

Long is Senior Lecturer and Head of German at the University of Durham. He received his M.A. and Ph.D. from Nottingham. His Ph.D. was on narrative structures in T. Bernhard and W. Hildesheimer. Long has published widely on twentieth-century German-language literature. His publications include his book The Novels of Thomas Bernhard: Form and its Function, with Camdem House in 2001 [it has been reviewed in MAL]. He co-edited the volume W.G. Sebald: A Critical Companion (Edinburgh UP, 2004). Articles and chapters include work on Bernhard, Sebald, Hans Lebert, Gerhard Fritsch, and Norbert Gstein.

Comments from the jury:

  • This is, in my view, the clear winner. It is an excellent essay, well researched with a clear thesis.
  • This one did it. The topic was fascinating, richly and persuasively developed.
  • The author presents a nuanced reading of the text and the multifacited role of photography in it, providing a sophisticated application of theory to elucidate Bernhard's textual dynamics.
  • This article is elegantly formulated and persuasively argued. Although his focus is on Bernhard's "Ausloeschung," he appeals to a larger readership by considering issues relating to media in general. Seminal work.
  • Eine differenzierte Analyse eines Aspekts bei Bernhard, der bisher noch nicht wirklich untersucht wurde; ueberzeugende Argumente zur Funktion der Photographie im besprochenen Text.
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