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Thu Nov 1 09:48:36 CDT 2018

Dear colleagues!

About the idea of Professor Arens.

I do Skype lectures since several years.

For example at the Universities of Dublin, Izmir, Kharkiv, Kiev, Oran, St.
Petersburg, Yaounde etc.

I was personally in about 120 countries.

So there are enough contacts, but I make such contacts even when I do not
now the colleagues personally.

So I would participate at the project of Professor Arens.

But I could also make this circle some suggestions:


1. Jura Soyfer

Background: about 40 years of scientific work/ Soyfer Edition/ books about
Soyfer/ exhibitions/ films etc.


2. The term "Austrian Literature" at the Universities of the Habsburg

I got from FWF [  https://www.fwf.ac.at/en/ ] a project of 1 million
Schilling and searched in the archives of 12 countries.


3. Austrian literature and history

This was my first lecture at a University - in this case 1988/1989 in

1995 I made together with Don Daviau a conference about Austrian literature
at the University of California at Riverside. The documentation:

My point is, that this is a multilingual literature.


4. Quantum technology and automated translations

I made my first programming seminar in 1976. 1978 I started with studies
about machine translations. 1992 I developed the theory of search machines
and realize a variation together with ARGE DATEN. 1995 I wrote a theory
about Quantum computes. 2017 I made the invention of Quantum processors (not
computers) and a Quantum language (something like Bios for digital
computers). About that see my opening speech at the conference in Oran this
year: http://www.inst.at/trans/23/new-technologies-new-employment-1/ 


Best regards

Herbert Arlt


Sc.Dr. Herbert Arlt

 <http://www.arltherbert.at> www.arltherbert.at






 <http://www.inst.at> www.inst.at

Scientific Director

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