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Wed May 8 07:45:19 CDT 2019

Dear colleagues,

meanwhile I got into contact with Dr Gertraud Daviau.

On 6 December was the burial of Univ.Prof.Dr. Donald G. Daviau.

This was the same day as I got the highest decoration the Republic of
Austria gives to a scientist.

And this in the context of a clear public position against FPÖ:


Within the ceremony I honoured also Don.

As you know, there was a cooperation since 1991:

Jura Soyfer and his time (conference 1992 in Riverside and book)

Austrian Literary history (conference 1995 in Riverside and book)

World Project of Mountains (begin: 1998/ supported by the General Assembly
of UNESCO/ result presented by me at the UN Global Mountain Summit in
Bishkek in the Year of the Mountains 2002)


EU Project


My suggestion is now, to honor Don in TRANS 25:

Gertraud agreed to collect the contributions.

TRANS 25 shall be published in summer 2019.

This is a very short time.

But additions shall also be published in December 2019.

So it would be good to know, if and when you can contribute.


About TRANS you can find documentations:

The newest with 411.670 files:

Best regards

Herbert Arlt


Wiss.Dir.Dr. Herbert Arlt

 <http://www.arltherbert.at> www.arltherbert.at

arlt at arltherbert.at


+43 676 5364912


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