Teaching Austria: Notes for Contributors



Guidelines for Contributors

Presentations about teaching at any level will be considered for publication. For maximum usefulness to the audience, each discussion should include precise descriptions of:

  • the level for which the course/activity is intended
  • the institution and audience for which it was designed (student body or user group, demographics, location, level of preparation)
  • the place in the curriculum for which it was designed (how many classes or weeks, with what courses went before or after, within what kinds of institutional requirements)
  • criteria according to which success or failure of the innovation was judged
  • issues which would have to be adjusted by other teachers/administrators (i.e. that are site-specific circumstances)
  • examples of exact assignments (directions, grading criteria, other evaluation tools)
  • bibliographic or other references to all materials used.

All contributions are to be submitted for review as MS-Word or PowerPoint documents, in MLA format for bibliography and references; they should usually be no more than 15 double-spaced pages in length. Contributions should be sent to the editorial board in electronic form by 1 JUNE each calendar year. Each submission should be accompanied by an abstract of approximately 100 words that specifies the type of activity or materials reported on, and the audience and site for which it is intended.

All contributions will be sent to two reviewers; acceptance will be conditional upon changes being made. The texts will be copyedited to bring them into line with house style.

When published, copyright will remain with the author(s). Authors should make sure they have secured the rights to use and publish on the web any proprietary materials to which their contributions refer. Publication will be in the form of downloadable .pdf files.

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