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Teaching Austria is a peer-reviewed publication of the Modern Austrian Literature and Culture Association that appears occasionally. Its contributions are revised and expanded versions of presentations originally made at the annual conference of the Association, and additional contributions submitted to the editorial board. These contibutions address teaching on Austria, the Austrian or Austro-Hungarian Empire, or Austria in comparative contexts, with the goal of fostering the presence and visibility of Austrian culture, history, and society within existing and innovative contexts for teaching and learning. The particular mission of Teaching Austria is to introduce ideas and best practices in teaching for all levels of the curriculum (beginning German through graduate studies, and Austrian studies courses given in English). Without privileging any particular approaches or methods, it hopes to provide models and ideas for teaching activities and units, for course and curriculum design, for study abroad and in-service programs, for materials design, and for other teaching-related materials and initiatives (e.g. websites, teaching internships, outreach programs, and the like).

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